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The Hundred-Year-Old Mirror

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The Hundred-Year-Old Mirror

By Aspen Willoweed Dust. Dust. More dust. Creeping slowly on soft clouds, laying in quiet drifts, gathering, slowly gathering… Spider webs. Lacing their intricate way across the ceiling, forming geometrical patterns… Cobwebs. Draped like white handkerchiefs in corners, slowly waving, whispering in the current-less air…. Some things never, never, ever, change. Like attics. Sitting up […]

old letters

The Captain, Continued

Janessa was sifting through a pile of notes and packages sent her by concerned individuals regarding abnormal activities she ought to investigate. It was the usual pile of nonsense about supernatural activity and malicious cults. She sighed. Would it just be another week of helping Scotland yard with their trivial investigations?

flaming dandelion

Faded Away

There was a hum of excitement in the air. If you were to pay close enough attention, you could feel. Something was off, and only the fading of the moon was to show for it. It was like a slowly dying torch, each night for the past week it grew dimmer as it waxed.

Nobody cared though. Everyone dismissed these curiosities, this anticipation as nothing of significance. The warning went unnoticed, and then it was too late. Finally the night came, and they were gone. Faded away…

The Insufficiency of the Dictionary

There are four hundred-seventy thousand words in Webster’s Third New International Dictionary. The Oxford English Dictionary has a similar number. Many linguists estimate that the total English vocabulary, counting commonly used words from other languages, scientific terms, and colloquialisms, could range from 600,000 to a million words or more. The average English-speaking adult knows around 40,000 words and uses up to 20,000 regularly. Think about that for a moment.


The Butter-Cat – An Exposition

My topic this afternoon is focused on an almost inexplicable phenomenon that has been around and in use since the dawn of time. It makes no sense and yet it’s a very reasonable force. We call this puzzle the Butter-Cat Scenario.


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